Cheers to Virtual Happy Hour Games | Live in Theater
Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇
Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Cheers to Virtual Happy Hour Games - Murder Mystery Theater is the Perfect Mixer.

March 24, 2022

Cheers to Virtual Happy Hour Games - Murder Mystery Theater is the Perfect Mixer.

March 24, 2022

Who doesn’t love to hang out and connect with coworkers after a long work week? Or celebrate an amazing work success? Happy hour used to be a great way to connect with colleagues, meet new coworkers, and simply enjoy one another’s company off the clock. Happy hour meant a jaunt to a neighborhood watering hole or a trendy restaurant to meet with coworkers, have a beer or cocktail, eat some yummy appetizers, and rehash the work week. Of course, during the pandemic, happy hour was redefined to keep the teambuilding spirit alive. Cheers to the new virtual happy hour, with exciting virtual happy hour games! The new virtual happy hour games are much more exciting than the old-fashioned happy hour meet ups because they are replete with virtual team building exercises and even a chance to be a part of murder mystery theater. It is a whole new happy hour menu of activities.

Menu Item No. 1. - What is a Virtual Happy Hour?

A virtual happy hour is just as appetizing as it sounds. It is an exciting new formula to gather with groups of coworkers and colleagues via Zoom or other online platforms to catch up and reconnect. The best course is for group leaders to pick a meeting time, invite guests, and plan virtual happy hour games. Team members are encouraged to grab an inviting libation and tasty appetizer before they meet virtually with colleagues nearby or across the globe. A wonderful aspect of virtual happy hour is that despite physical distances which separate friends and coworkers,  people can continue to feel  connected with each other. Virtual happy hour games and virtual team building exercises are a great mixture to allow corporate work teams to stay connected while your team grows and develops.

Menu Item No. 2 - Virtual Team Building Exercises.

The important goal of virtual games is to bring employees together to allow them to share in thought provoking experiences which are designed to enhance genuine interactions and improve work relationships.  Virtual team building exercises are defined as team building activities developed to specifically help groups of people work together as a team; in fact, helping the whole team to effectively rise to the occasion.  The real-life interactive experience of immersive theater is an example of effective virtual team building exercises. Imagine actively solving a murder mystery during happy hour with coworkers. The key to successful virtual team building exercises is to use activities and events which are created to be entertaining and motivating. Effective virtual happy hour games provide teams with problem solving experiences while also helping participants think critically, strategize together, and improvise creatively.

Menu Item No. 3 - What are Virtual Happy Hour Games?

Virtual happy hour games are a wonderful potion for teambuilding—they are virtual exercises that help individual team members feel a part of the entire team.  Virtual games can mold teams into solid and cohesive groups. Also, virtual games allow people to connect emotionally while developing new relationships and fostering existing friendships. There is a myriad of virtual games used for virtual team exercises. They run the gambit from charades to bingo, but they are all adapted to virtual team building exercises. Virtual murder mystery theater is an example of a creative process which uses virtual team building exercises in an innovative, interactive way. Live In Theater is the creative genius (the top chef perhaps) behind virtual murder mystery theater.

Menu Item No. 4 - Live In Theater Brings the Fun.

Live In Theater is comprised of an award-winning theatrical troupe—a tried-and-true recipe for creating wonderful, murder mystery theater.  The creative director and a batch of interactive actors come together to create Live In Theater’s murder mystery theater as an incredible interactive, immersive, virtual teambuilding experience. The cast provides state of the art entertainment combined with effective virtual team building exercises.  The talented director has developed advanced methods which encourages participants to fully invest in virtual team building exercises—a commitment which surprises participants and audiences. What’s amazing about Live In Theater’s murder mystery theater is that as many as 300 participants can be accommodated—a very large virtual happy hour! The Live In Theater’s murder mystery series are the perfect choice for virtual happy hour games.

Menu Item No. 5 – Salud to Murder Mystery Theater

Salud to virtual, murder mystery theater! An exciting and interesting choice for corporate teams seeking unique, virtual happy hour games which will be the toast of the company. Murder mystery theater gives work teams the opportunity to investigate and collaborate to solve both fictional and true-crime murder mysteries in a fun and interactive manner.  Small groups of team members will investigate the murder by gathering evidence and interviewing suspects. Teams develop theories of what actually happened in either fictional cases or those based on true-crime, unsolved historical cases. The content of the real-life murder mysteries is taken from actual, historically researched, unsolved murder mysteries. Equally exciting, the participants become the main course—the stars of the performance—as they become engaged in the virtual games offered by murder mystery theater. During a murder mystery theater happy hour, team members get to playact with colleagues, which is a super entertaining and memorable exercise.

Menu Item No. 6 - Virtual Happy Hour Games Revisited, Last Call!

Murder mystery theater is the best choice on the virtual happy hour games menu. It is filled with lots of humor and laughs to help ease stress and relax, which is exactly the point of virtual happy hour games, right? Murder mystery theater promotes team building by encouraging team members to problem solve with each other, while thinking creatively, using their imaginations, and strategizing together. Participating in a murder mystery theater performance is a very special way to remember to be mindful and to help participants understand the importance of being present while they solve the murder mystery together. It’s a great ingredient to bring back to the workplace. An evening of virtual happy hour games that includes the opportunity to participate in Live In Theater’s murder mystery theater will be a welcome treat to any corporate team. Cheers!

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