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Live in Theater (LIT) is an award-winning experiential entertainment company that creates one-of-a-kind online immersive, interactive theatrical true-crime murder mystery experiences.

Our work is a reinvention of the corny, pun-laden farces, typical of murder mystery theater. LIT goes far beyond the “Murder Mystery Party”, instead we foster dynamic content that speaks to our clientele with intelligence, insight, and historically researched truth. Drawn from the twin worlds of true-crime murder mysteries and unsolved historical cases, real events serve as the inspiration for each experience.

With LIT, participants experience the emotional heights and depths inherent to mortal situations, and thus, are instantly engaged. They are transformed from spectators to characters while being captivated by incredible performances, laughs galore, and the opportunities to get their own fifteen minutes of fame! Our audiences are part of a unique event that goes beyond team-building and directly engages them like nothing else currently on the market.

Spearheaded by creative director, founder, and visionary Carlo D’Amore, and actualized by a team of some of the country’s best interactive actors, the result is a collection of shows that are: grounded in reality, hilarious, and furiously compelling. With LIT you and your team become the center of the action, you inhabit the worlds we create, as well as having the highly uncommon experience of interacting with characters you would never meet, let alone interrogate. With LIT you get to… Live in Theater.


  • Exceptional storytelling
  • Maximum engagement
  • A show that is as challenging as it is fun
The Ryan Case

The Ryan Case 1873

La La Land

Murder in La La Land

Lomardi Case 1975

Lombardi Case 1975

Murder at River Crossing Book Club

Murder at River Crossing Book Club

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What is Interactive Theater?

Interactive Theater is a theater genre that is fundamentally rooted in the interaction between YOU, the audience, and our actors. YOU freely talk and engage with them, and the story unfolds because of YOUR interactions with them. YOU directly affect the action and determine the outcome.

Live in Theater are masters of interactive performance. We work tirelessly to ensure that the experiences and interactions in our virtual theater events are unforced and effortlessly engaging. To that end, the audience is organically woven into the fabric of every single one of our plots, immersing YOU in the worlds we create.

Using advanced interactive storytelling techniques we wash away the borders between the story and reality. Our heightened sense of realism, use of high level improvisation, and intuitive know -how for sculpting human behaviour, make our virtual theater events the ideal place for YOU to rediscover your childhood sense of play.

Live in Theater – Come play with us!