The Ryan Case 1873

Late 19th Century New York was a town still being shaped, still struggling to find its identity. Nowhere was that more true than the notorious “Five Points” in lower Manhattan. This area was a hotbed of crime and corruption, filled with swindlers, thugs, and black-hearted villains, many of whom were looking to take advantage of immigrants still fresh from processing at Ellis Island.

A few nights ago, in the wee hours, two Irish siblings were found dead in their tenement. The air is rife with foul play, and it’s up to you to take up the detective’s mantle and find them some kind of peace in this interactive murder mystery based on a real unsolved crime from the 1870s.

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Prepare for a scavenger hunt through the underbelly of the Five Points. You will encounter aspirational low-lifes, destitute urchins, and all sorts in between. In your search for the truth you’ll uncover clues, confront suspects, and valiantly battle to mete out the justice that the slain victims deserve.

Running Time: Between 75 minutes – 120 minutes depending on group size
Genre:  Interactive True-Crime Murder Mystery
Type: Virtual experience happening on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams
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I love interactive theater and the actors were great and never broke character. It’s fun to interact with the actors in their period clothing in the streets of lower Manhattan..”
- Lauren D., Yelp
“The best thing about it is that the actors are excellent! They not only interact with you but also people in the street (who are always disconcerted and its quite funny)”.
- Christina S., Yelp
“… it was AWESOME!! My girlfriends and I had a wonderful time and we met some cool people. This is a family friendly/date friendly Theater…”
- Maggie G., Yelp
“Me and my two friends, all historians, had such a great time. I was surprised at how quickly we totally got into the story, the actors are amazing. I really felt like a detective”.​
- Dan M., Yelp
“I think of Live IN Theater as a Murder Mystery on steroids! This group knows how to push the envelope as far as it can go (short of a real murder!).”
- Walter M., Yelp