Private Parties

Birthday Parties

At Live in Theater, we know how to throw a killer party! Our murder mystery theater experiences are a surefire way to set your celebration apart from the mundane. We can host group sizes from 10 – 300, and our award-winning murder cases are available for performances online, any day, any time!

Our private parties are ideal for: birthdays, graduations, weddings, divorce parties (all the rage in Europe), bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, alumni gatherings, girls’ night out, boys’ night out, non-binary persons’ night out… essentially any group of people who want to think outside the box. Come experience our brand of interactive murder mystery theater and enjoy a sensational celebration at the hands of our award­-winning actors. Hit us up for a truly memorable experience!

I found Live In Theater online, partly based on their amazing Yelp reviews, and asked for help to me set up a customized version of the Lombardi case for my girlfriend’s birthday party. We had 15 skeptical 30-something new yorkers take part and we could not have had a better time. The case is far from obvious, the acting is superb, and the surprises came over and over.
- Rishi S. Yelp
Truly amazing. honestly, one of the coolest things we did in NYC. We did the homestay one of the Lombardi show. I was most impressed by the quality of acting. We actually thought some of the characters were real!!!

- Dan M., Yelp

Bachelor(ette) Parties

Push your night out to the limit. Live in Theater will gladly bring the ruckus for the bride/groom/spouse to be! Our interactive performances can be as edgy and boozy as you want to make it for the betrothed’s last night as a single person. Let’s get wild together!