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F. A. Q

F. A. Q2021-07-09T09:16:50+00:00
Q. Are these shows risque or offensive?2021-07-07T07:45:03+00:00

Not in the least bit, but NOTHING is for everyone! If you have concerns about content, reach out to us at 347-422-7562. We’d be glad to hear your concerns and point you in the right direction!

Q.What should I expect from your shows?2021-07-07T07:44:01+00:00

Live In Theater is a truly immersive and interactive experience. The actors will be asking audience members questions directly, the audience will interrogate them in return. This is unlike any play you’ve seen before. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and learn to play along with our fantastic actors, while being immersed in other worlds, time periods, and being able to interact with characters you would most likely NEVER have the opportunity to meet let alone interrogate!

Q. What if I’m running late?2021-07-07T07:44:53+00:00

LIT observes a strict no-late policy. We value your time and the time of our performers. If you’re late, the show will start without you and you will miss crucial information. Please be on time!

Q. Can I talk to the actors during the show?2021-07-07T07:46:54+00:00

Please do! This is what interactive theater was made for. Unlike a traditional play, you don’t just sit quietly in your seat for two hours letting it wash over you. Our show only works if the audience talks to the actors ask questions, and gets actively involved in the story.

Q. Can I take pictures during the show?2021-07-07T07:47:27+00:00

The use of photography and videography is prohibited. Sorry! We can’t let spoilers get out.

Q. Does the Show Have To Be on virtual?2021-07-07T07:48:03+00:00

Right now, yes. We moved to perform shows online during the pandemic and, honestly, we really like it! It works great for our shows, and people have been loving the experience. Because of that, we’re not planning to return to live in-person shows.

Q. How Do You Do Theatre on Zoom?2021-07-07T07:48:37+00:00

Brilliantly! But seriously folks… Basically, you and your fellow players log in to a private Zoom meeting when we tell you to, switch on your camera and microphone, and then you let us do the rest. You get to experience award-winning interactive theatre from the comfort of your own home, or workplace.

Q. Can I Keep My Camera/Microphone Off and Still Play?2021-07-07T07:49:07+00:00

Yes. However, the show works best when you have both on. Doing this gives you an authentic experience and immerses you in our world. A large part of the show is you interacting with characters in the show and discussing theories with your teammates. That’s much easier when we can hear you and see you. That said, we know some people are camera/microphone shy or may have accessibility issues, so we have a few workarounds. At the minimum, we recommend having your microphone on, but, again, the show is best enjoyed in full sound and vision.

Q. Can We Book a Show if We’re Not in the USA?2021-07-07T07:49:39+00:00

Yes! We may need to work out a few logistics (time zones can be super fun), but we love to travel, even if it is digitally. We do recommend that the majority of the players are conversant in English, as our shows are predominantly in English, but other than that, get in touch!

Q. What Technology Do I Need to Participate in a Show?2021-07-07T07:50:08+00:00

At the bare minimum, you need a zoom-enabled device (tablet, phone, computer, etc) with a microphone and camera and a stable internet connection. We recommend a computer with a webcam and microphone; good speakers and/or headphones; and a dedicated WiFi/hardline internet connection.

Q. What Happens if There Are Technical Difficulties?2021-07-07T07:50:38+00:00

We have facilitators in each show that can help you with negotiating most technical difficulties that arise in Zoom. It’s rare that we can’t fix a problem within a few minutes. However, if something more significantly affects the show (i.e. internet outage, power failure, etc) and it cannot go ahead, we will discuss rescheduling with you directly. We don’t want you to miss out on your show!

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