On September 22, 2020, we received an inquiry for a campsite that was wondering what the pricing would be for a group of between 300-500 participants. Our initial response was bewilderment. Yes, this is a campsite in Pennsylvania, so maybe the COVID 19 Pandemic is not as bad there as it is in Michigan, or as bad as it was here in New York. And yes, it is a campsite so presumably this would be an entirely outdoor event. Pre Covid, we’ve definitely performed for groups this large. Bringing our hugely entertaining murder mysteries to the masses… but this was BEFORE Covid!

After our bewilderment, quite frankly our creative director was upset. “What are people thinking?” Even if someone is following STRICT social distancing protocols, the sheer amount of bodies coming together is DANGEROUS! We respectfully declined.

Like most businesses in the country, we are facing significant changes and challenges. But it is our responsibility to our clients, corporate, private (individuals looking to celebrate) educational groups, and to our performers to take care of each other.

In April we adjusted because we had to, and created a safe alternative to folks hungry for connection. Murder at River Crossing Book Club is just the ticket A-Zoom team building activity as an interactive murder mystery with all the hallmarks that have made LIT the one-stop for clients from Google – Adidas and from Coca-Cola to Dewars for 11 years and over ten thousand live events! LIT now offers Zoom team building activities. Activities that are not the run of the mill. Our new show is the most fun you’ll have on zoom, ever!

Zoom team building activities - by Live in Theater!


Digital Is Where It’s At!

Our newest DIGITAL experience conducted over Zoom is a safe and invigorating game, where colleagues come together in safety and interact with amazing actors while solving intricate puzzles. This new and safe alternative gives our clients everything they’ve come to expect while keeping everyone safe. Fun team building online, it works and we have the proof! Since the beginning of September, we’ve had an influx of corporate clients reach out and book. Everyone is looking for a connection when having a drink after work is no longer an option, what do you do? You make Fun team building online!

We’re all stuck at home, we sit in front of computers all day, we are hungry for interaction. This is what LIT has done for over a decade. We allow you to play, to invest in alternative realities in entertainment that is a wonderful and much-needed respite. It has clinically been proven that companies that allow their employees some “playtime” see a workforce that is more adaptable and quite frankly more engaged. Imagine if, during our schooling pre-k through high school, we were NEVER able to play, laugh, cry, make friends… INTERACT! We’d be a community of drones. Not FUN! Fun is where it’s at, especially in our current topsy turvy world, so let’s find fun team building online, because we’re already online, so now, let’s add the fun!

Our digital content… allows Team-building exercises for remote teams from across the country, and across the world to be able to be in the same virtual space at the same time. And here we don’t expect you just to look at a computer screen and listen to somebody speak but rather engage with your colleagues putting your heads together thinking of tactics and how you break the suspects. Interacting with some amazing performers laughing, taking center stage asking the right questions, or laughing at the wrong ones.

Who’d ever heard zoom before COVID? Whatever happened to Skype? Who would ever imagine that there would be something like a virtual zoom team building event? Necessity is the mother of invention or clients clambered they asked us to come up with something and we did. Team-building exercises for remote teams helps to solve multiple problems. We are thrilled with the response we’re getting this particular experience. Not only because it allows us to stay afloat, and to employ our fantastic actors, but also to help us remember that what we do is important. That art is a fundamental part of all societies. So the zoom team building events are where it’s at. We will continue to deliver and adjust to the changes we all face. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our communities safe. When outside please wear a mask. COVID 19 is a seriously deadly disease. It’s a mistake to make this a public health issue ANYTHING other than that. Let’s keep each other safe!

Stay healthy, and come to LIT online to have some fun with your colleagues, friends, and family.

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