AWhy Icebreakers are the New Corporate Team Building Craze! major social aspect of people’s lives is the relationships they build, including professional relationships. Interactions and encounters between people in their professional lives are constantly evolving. People are joining new companies, new teams, and they have new business endeavors. Interactive activities can boost the success of your team through team building exercises, such as an interactive theater or a live murder mystery game. These 3 articles will give you a taste for other companies’ team building exercises and why they work!

Go Ahead, Skip that Networking Event – Networking events fail to achieve their goal. They give little incentive for people to expand past their own social circles similar to their own. Create an end goal with an interactive event instead!

Large Group Icebreakers – Do you enjoy music? Imagine musical interactive icebreakers that still work in large groups, even with 1,700 people! This corporate team building activity got everyone involved to compose a song in just 45 minutes.


Team Building and Staff Wellness – Over Forty Irish Companies are coming together promote staff team building and wellness through interactive challenges. They are promoting team building activities and icebreakers to enhance communication, coordination, and strategic thinking. This creates happier staff members who are more committed to their employer!

Interactive theater allows for people to escape the confines of the office, get fresh air, and promote teamwork to solve our murder mysteries. Not only are your employees interacting with new people, they are interacting with their work team in a new way! Join other corporate companies such as Apple and Yelp in treating your staff to one of our interactive experiences. Check out more about Live in Theater’s Corporate Team Building here.

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