I had a dream, in it, the white house reached out…It was somebody in first lady Melania Trump’s Department. She said: “We’ve been racking our minds trying to find something that would allow us to come together as a group. Someone suggested a virtual team-building event for our government organization!” She then said: “I don’t really know what your political party of choice is, but I’d love to find out more about what it is that you do and if you think that a virtual event would be something that would be well received by a group of Republicans!” I did not wake up in a cold sweat. In fact, I woke up with a smile on my face. How amazing would it be to have members of the Trump white house relax just a little bit, kick up their feet, and come together through a virtual team building event?

Today is November 3rd, 2020. It is a significant day in American history because we know how broken our nation is. We know how divided it is. All of us, whether die-hard Republican or tree-hugging liberal – know there’s huge discord in our nation. How do we change for the better? How do we move into the future? How do we find progress? How do we stop coming from scarcity? These are all questions that should be answered. By who? Well, we should all answer them. We should all come together, put our brilliant heads together, and decide how to move forward. Let’s stop thinking about looking back, stop thinking about the past and rebuilding, making something great again. There’s nothing wrong with this country! Yes, we might be in a funk, and feeling broken, but this too shall pass.

What does a digital theater performance have to do with a broken nation? For that, let’s look at the origin of the theater. The Greeks creators of so many wonderful things, and the originators of the theater, will tell you, that in the very beginning theater was created to give the spectators a visceral experience of what life was, or could be. Theater as William Shakespeare noted held up the mirror to life. Currently, the theater, like the American government and all of us living through covid-19 are experiencing a rapidly ever-changing, world. If the theater can transform from live, to a “digital theater performance which is a drastic change – Any theater maker will tell you the “Magic” of the theater is the liveness. Performances inches away from an audience member’s face. To that I say, so what?

We’ve done it! Live in theater has adapted and even though we are a small internationally-recognized company with some pretty impressive street credibility we are a small microcosm of what this great country is. A company created by an immigrant, providing our corporate clients amazing Zoom team building events, and year after year we have adapted. We have changed with the times, and we believe that that is also attainable by our amazing country!

We understand adjusting is difficult. As humans, we do not like change! Plain and simple, maybe it’s laziness, or the amygdala being triggered and the lizard brain saying “Oh, no! We are going to die if we change!” But really you won’t, we won’t. Hopefully, it’ll make you feel better if you know you’re not alone? Theater makers across the world are flipping out. They are resisting change. They’re holding fast to the idea that theater is a live experience, instead of thinking potentially online theater performances… how can we make that work. How’s that different from a live theater performance? How is live theater different from online theater performance?
I can hear those of you out there who are die-hard theater people say: “There’s something dynamic about having the performance in front of your face, something irreplaceable!” To that I say sure. I guess. But then you also get a lot of spittle coming from the performers and very possibly landing right in your face. Let’s not talk about how dangerous that is during a pandemic… but other than that cliched response “it’s live! It’s in front of your face!” I beg to differ. A performance via Zoom can be as efficient, dynamic, fun, interesting, and deep as a live theatre performance! If you don’t think so, then give it a shot. We dare you!

We are rounding the corner on the holidays, and pretty much nothing else. So as you sit there and try to think about “what do I do for my team for this holiday season…” We encourage you to think about digital team building ideas with Live in Theater. Here are just two of the perks: You won’t have to go very far, and we guarantee, you will have a blast!

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