The History of LGBT Theater in NYC

LGBT Month is here and we’re ready to celebrate Pride! Live in Theater is

grounded in history and we use the stories of marginalized groups, such as LGBT communities in the past, for our NYC live interactive plays. Here are two articles about the history of the LGBT community in New York City and their impact on theater, as well as our outdoor immersive theater in New York City.

The Harlem Renaissance

Gladys Alberta Bently was a historical figure for the LGBT community during the Harlem Renaissance. She was a performer who pushed the boundaries with cross dressing, drag queens, and humor. She paved the path and created an impact in the performance scene here in New York City.


New York’s Ball Scene

Fast forward a few decades to the 1980s to the rise of balls and houses. People who were disowned from their own families and communities, due to their unconventional gender norms, gathered here. This is where they created their own families, and not only survived, but flourished. Recently, this time period has been projected into pop culture, as the new FX series ‘Pose’ has premiered.

These movements have been inspiration in some of the unique off-broadway interactive plays that Live in Theater produces. Fierce and Deadly 1988, was a fun interactive experience grounded in the history of the New York Ball scene. Having produced the experience back in 2014, the story follows a mysterious murder, the struggles of a transgender woman Venus, and the house of D’Amour. We had fun producing it and performing it! The audience members who attended the experience as a fun team-building activity, and attended the public performances, seemed to enjoy it too! They stated that Fierce and Deadly, 1988 is “Clever, Thought-provoking, Relevant, Entertaining”!

It’s great to see that stories of the New York City Ball Scene have reemerged.

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