If you’re anything like us here in Live in Theater, you love a good mystery case. Especially if it involves a murder! Since we are located in Manhattan and take you through the streets of the Lower East Side during our experiences, why not share some other historical New York City cases that have gone unsolved. Here are some cases found from articles online that explain unsolved Murder Mysteries in New York City!

New York City's Unsolved Murder CrimesMary Cecilia Rogers 1841: This 19th Century murder crime is different to our immersive experience of Typhoid Mary. This young woman, Mary Cecilia Rogers, mysteriously went missing. She was known for her beauty and she worked as a cigar sales clerk here in New York City. When her body was found floating in the Hudson River, this case became known as the Murder of the Beautiful Cigar Girl. People were obsessed with this case! Even famous poet Edgar Allan Poe wrote a poem about this case.


Isidor Fink 1929 : This crime is somewhat relatable to the tragic ending of the characters from our interactive experience, The Ryan Case 1873. Isidor Fink, a Polish Immigrant, was found dead in his New York City Apartment, similar to how the Irish Ryan siblings were found in their New York City Tenement. The police arrived at Fink’s apartment after the neighbors heard chilling screams. All of the doors and windows were bolted from the inside, which confused police, as the crime was a homicide and not a suicide. After all, there was no weapon in sight! It is still a mystery to this day how the killer escaped the inside of the apartment.

Arnold Rothstein 1928: Famous New York City Gangster, Arnold Rothstein was murdered at the modern day Park Central Hotel. Famous for running criminal businesses and persuading politicians, he was also known for playing games such as poker. After getting into gambling debt, he was shot in the hotel room face to face with his killer. While police knew that he had seen the killer, and it was expected to be the person he owed money to, Rothstein never gave up the person… even on his deathbed!

Murder Mysteries have a long history here in New York City. While our interactive and immersive experiences are highly creative, they’re based on NYC History! If you are looking to enjoy a NYC outdoor experience and actively solve murder mystery cases, all on the streets that scream history, you can book an experience here!

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