Mysterious murders have occurred in NYC from the very beginning, well, maybe not so much when the peaceful Lenape Indians roamed the Island… but certainly once the Island was settled by the Dutch West India Company! Once the city became a place of mass commerce and developed into the modern world, someone would eventually be murdered. Some individual would harm someone else and these would potentially retaliate and commit murder. Murder mystery NYC diaries will explore high profile cases from the 19th century that have rocked New York City’s foundation to the very core. These sensational murders, obscure to most of us today, offer a glimpse what NYC was like in the 1800’s. The city experienced an influx of activity at one time, with the largest migration onto its shores than any other city in the world. With all that melting happening in the cauldron, sometimes called the melting pot, the most taboo and heinous of crimes reared its ugly head repeatedly. New York City was often called “Murderers Paradise”.

The diary entries in murder mystery NYC diaries will cover multiple crimes that have in the history of the world, remained unsolved. These cases have been dissected and re-examined by award-winning Live in Theater (LIT) as a way to understand the history that has shaped NYC. The work of LIT, rated as a top player in Interactive Theater NYC – and the Immersive theater NYC arenas, is well known for bringing historical murders to the masses. Often called “Murder Mystery on Steroids!” this company has simultaneous productions happening in NY, Austin, Texas, and Madrid, Spain. LIT is spearheaded by award-winning creative visionary Carlo D’Amore, who is at the forefront of reinventing the murder mystery NYC genre. We look to turn murder and it’s mysteries into highbrow entertainment with the lowbrow aesthetic that comes with BLOODY MURDER!

What follows will be diary entries, each exploring a different case as written in “1886 Professional Criminals in America” by Thomas F. Byrnes Police Inspector and Chief of Detectives in New York City from 1880-1895. Inspired by these essays, we are taking a second look at these crimes, and sharing them with you!

Coming up next our first diary entry:

The Murder of Helen Jewett 1836, Case #1- A young 23 year old woman was killed in her bed at No.41 Thomas Street, New York City. After a tumultuous love affair with a store clerk, this unsolved murder explores unfaithfulness, jealousy, and the testimonies of those who eventually left a guilty man walk free.

The Murder of Mary Cecilia Rogers 1841, Case #2 – Mary Cecilia Rogers was a well known young lady in NYC for her extraordinary beauty. She had many admirers, and was often seen with a mysterious man who nobody knew. After not showing up at her friends house and failing to return home, her body was found disfigured in the River. Who was this mystery man, and was he her murderer?

The Murder of Dr. Burdell 1857, Case #3 – A prosperous New York City Dentist, Dr. Berdell was found murdered in his house after his new wife, one of his borders, learned of his intentions of selling the house.

If you’d like to meet Thomas F. Byrnes, (in the flesh, not naked but you know what I mean) please book a ticket to one of LIT’s signature experiences The Ryan Case 1873. This case will also be featured in murder mystery NYC Diaries. We hope that by sharing each diary entry, we will not only gain a look at the past in this great American Gomorrah, but also gain a bit of depth and insight into murder, crime, and criminal history. We hope you enjoy! To experience these diary entries come to life visit

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