Murder at River Crossing Book Club

The Setting:

River Crossing, Carolina, a fictionalized community deep in the American South. It’s a three-cop town with a small, close-knit population. The inhabitants are a rough split between upper-class landowners and lower-middle-class farmers and their families, all of whom have ancestral roots in the area that run hundreds of years deep.

It is a homely little hamlet, living a few decades behind the rest of the country, and last Friday night, between 9:45 pm and 10 pm, Ursula Fitzroy, the most influential person in town, was murdered.


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Running Time: Between 75 minutes – 120 minutes
depending on group size
Genre: Interactive True-Crime Murder Mystery
Type: Virtual experience happening on Zoom,
Google Meet, Microsoft teams

Your Role:

As with all our top-rated virtual theater, you’re in the thick of the action. You and the rest of the audience are investigative journalists from the Fayetteville Observer, a respected regional news outlet.

You have been charged with interviewing the townspeople, peeling back the layers, and discovering what really happened last Friday night. Find out the truth and write a headline worthy of the front-page!

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​Fill out an inquiry form. Once you’re confirmed, simply switch on Zoom, pour yourself a southern-inspired concoction (with or without alcohol) and enjoy this top-rated virtual theater experience!

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This Experience Is Available For Private Groups Only!

  • Corporate, educational, and private individuals who want to connect with coworkers, friends and family from the comfort of their own computers.
  • Current max capacity is 300
  • This experience is recommended for those 13+ years old.