Lombardi Case 1975

New York in the 1970s was the toughest of tough towns, full of drugs, violence, and prostitution. Not for the faint of heart.

It’s also exactly where you’re headed.

As a rookie detective on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, it’s up to you to find the killer of a politico’s daughter. In order to do that you’ll have to dive headfirst into the local underworld and interrogate the gritty and oftentimes manic characters within.

This isn’t your dad’s fun company outing.

You’ll meet junkies, drag queens, sex workers, crooked cops, and more, as you brave the “Lower East Side Zoo” looking for a way to crack the case before the commissioner comes down on you. Your chief is counting on you. The precinct is counting on you.

Running Time: Between 75 minutes – 120 minutes depending on group size
Genre: Interactive True-Crime Murder Mystery
Type: Virtual experience happening on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams.

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Disclaimer: The content in the Lombardi Case 1975 is an acutely realistic look at the underworld of NYC in the mid 1970s.

We pride ourselves in being authentic to the reality of the characters we are portraying.

With this in mind, we must inform the audience of the experience’s “R” rating*. If you are uncomfortable with some harsh language and racy content please try one of our other shows.

That said, if you do choose the Lombardi Case, be prepared for a fun company outing like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

**Trigger Warning** :
The storyline in Lombardi Case 1975 includes profanity and edgy content. These controversial elements are here to create a realistic storyline inspired by real American history. We will transport you to an authentic reality of 1970s New York City, and the “Street Elements” you would encounter as a rookie cop, these characters will come into glaring focus. This is NOT to offend but to have you experience how it really was. By truly knowing the past we can improve our present! This experience has been professionally vetted and approved, booked by hundreds of companies, and hundreds of thousands of participants at it is consistently one of our most popular, top-rated events.
  • If you book this show, it is crucial that you communicate the Trigger Warning with ALL fellow participants.
  • If you are quick to offend, please do not book this show!


“We had fun walking around the area, enjoyed the case AND learned about the lower east side and the 70’s. The actors were out of this world.”
- Jean T., Yelp

“The best thing about it is that the actors are excellent! They not only interact with you but also people in the street (who are always disconcerted and its quite funny).” ​

- Christina S., Yelp
“… it was AWESOME!! My girlfriends and I had a wonderful time and we met some cool people. This is a family friendly/date friendly Theater…” ​
- Maggie G., Yelp
“Truly amazing. honestly, one of the coolest things we did in NYC”. ​
- Dan M., Yelp