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J & K 1965

In 1965 LIFE magazine published an astonishing photo essay of two New York City junkies, John and Karen, shot by iconic photojournalist Bill Eppridge. These pictures, the most controversial that LIFE had ever published, shocked readers by bringing the grim reality of addiction into the American living room. Inspired by these photographs, LIT’s creative director Carlo D’Amore explores the potential immersive theater has as a tool for empathic connection. With Live In Theater these photographs will now come alive.

NEW YORK CITY – The infamous “Needle Park” is the backdrop for an interactive journey where fourteen participants (YOU) are immersed in the world of John and Karen. You will traverse the Lower East Side and play roles: friends, family, fellow drug addicts, as you bond and become complicit in the love story at the heart of these “two lives lost to heroin.”

Note: This is an 80-minute outdoor experience, performed rain or shine. Wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to move. Large bags/backpacks are not recommended.
Live In Theater – Come play with us!

Continuing Bill Eppridge’s mission, Live In Theater launches an outdoor photo exhibit in the Lower East Side in the very park where J & K 1965 takes place. Anyone can download the app J & K 1965 and take their own personal journey through Needle Park (Sara Delano Roosevelt Park) finding not only the pictures of John & Karen throughout, but also arresting parallels of them in reality.

DISCLAIMER: Live In Theater’s production of J & K 1965 has no intent to infringe upon the copyright of the LIFE magazine photographs. Live In Theater considers it’s use of the following photographs as Fair Use, as defined under US Copyright Law, as this production provides important social commentary on a historical subject. Additionally, the use of the photographs is transformative in that Live In Theater is adding a narrative to the subject matter displayed in the images. In no way is Live In Theater reproducing the photographs themselves for commercial sale and the J & K production has no effect on the publishing market for these images.

(Images: Bill Eppridge—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

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