Interactive Experiences Expand to Children's HospitalsInteractive technology uses many of the similar skills that Interactive Theater inhabits, and oftentimes interactive theater can use interactive technology. Interactive theater teaches skills to people that spans from communication skills to team building skills, and critical and creative thinking skills. Live in Theater teaches these skills to both educational institutions and corporate companies, through our team-building NYC experiences and our interactive NYC shows . That’s why it is so great to hear that hospitals are now using interactive theater!




YouTube videos (linked here and here) show how important it is for sick children to forget about what is going on around them. These interactive experiences hone in on the inherent childlike sense of play. Children can play with other children, their families, as well as hospital staff. Not only does interactive theater create fun team-building activities, but it also creates great family-building activities as well.


It’s great to hear about the benefits of interactive theater, especially to different situations! Live in Theater promotes unbridled play, and understands how interactive theater and interactive experiences promote well being. It would be great for more hospitals to have an environment like the ones in the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

If you would like to understand how interactive experiences work, you can see Live in Theater’s outdoor immersive NYC show here, or learn more about group interactive Murder Mystery NYC experiences here

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