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Fierce & Deadly 1988

The year: 1988. The location: a vogue Drag Ball in New York City. Your mission: Solve the case.

Inspired by actual events, “Fierce & Deadly 1988” is at once a blend of drag ball memorial, murder mystery, and social analysis. Guests will play members of a marginalized community coming together to mourn and celebrate the life of one of their fallen sisters. You will interact, play, and walk the runway with fierce members of your own drag family. Got Vogue?

Live In Theater – Come play with us!

“Deadly Relevant on top of being excellent theater!”
“The actors were fantastic! They were so into their roles, it was infectious.”
“The cast really step up and do some fantastic work!”
“It was so much fun to be part of the play and to walk around the city constantly wondering who was actually part of the show or not.”