Would you like to be the first person to try our new interactive experience that will blow your mind? Would you like to have your 5 friends share this unforgettable evening with you that will give you food for thought for days to come?

Be the First to Experience 'This Is When We Rest'!

Live in Theater is offering you a unique opportunity to become a part of an exclusive playtest and host our new interactive experience “This Is When We Rest”.

What would it be like living out the last hour of your life? Imagine an alternate world with your friends. Use your sense of play to create new relationships and memories, in a fresh and unconventional way. ‘This Is When We Rest’ mixes Interactive Theater with Roleplaying Game Design allowing 6 people to unlock their playful nature and create a new world of their own. Experience a unique, edgy, yet intense and climactic story that you co-create, when suddenly… that world is on the brink of annihilation. An asteroid is coming. How do you live and how do you die, when you know This Is When We Rest?

Playtest Requests

A total of 6 friends

A place (an apartment, a mansion, a private residence, an igloo)

2.5 hours of your time

This playtest is completely free of charge and will take place on June 29th at 7pm!

If you’d like us to create this experience for you, please fill out this form and tell us about you and your friends. The selected group will be contacted by Friday, June 22nd and will be sent further instructions.

Come Play With Us!

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