All of Live In Theater’s interactive experiences are equally immersive, but each experience has something that sets it apart. The Trial of Typhoid Mary 1915 is the only experience to cast the audience in a court setting. Audience members play their part as the jury, defense, and prosecution of Mary Mallon, a 20th century woman accused of spreading the deadly Typhoid Fever to over 50 victims.

In addition to the more numerous roles like the jury, there are also unique roles to play that have the potential to showcase an audience member’s individual talent. One of these unique roles is the court artist, who visually records the trial proceedings.

At one of our recent Typhoid Mary shows, we were lucky to have a very talented artist in our audience.

Due to the live and immediate nature of the show, fellow audience members had the privilege of watching this artist in action, seeing the images come to life in real time. While this effect is unfortunately lost with these static images, we were able to snap some pictures of the drawings to share with you today.

Check out some of the illustrations below!

An Audience's Art: Illustrations from The Trial of Typhoid Mary 1915




Glorified Garbage Collector


The Miasma!


Our upcoming dates for the Trial of Typhoid Mary: May 26, June 2, and July 14. Click here to learn more about the show!

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