Far too often, we hear of people dreading the work week. If they’re not doing that, they are counting the days down to the weekend or their next vacation. Like it or not, how someone feels about their workplace can greatly influence the quality of their work or even affect the overall mood of the office. But that shouldn’t be the case! Take a look at these four simple yet effective ways to fix that problem and optimize your work environment through the power of play.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Work Environment Through Play

1. Interactive Games and Activities at Work

Now bear with me on this one. The point of work is, well, to get work done so games and other activities may seem a bit counter productive. However, it could prove to pay off in the long run. For example, Hackathons generally organized by IT companies have proven to be a great way to provide employees with a way to bond as well as keeping the source material relevant to their work. Even weekly yoga for the office and interactive, ice breaker games such as Werewolf can prove to be a fun way to promote bonding and relaxation.

2. Team-Building Gatherings

This is a key way to promote office unity and increase the likeliness of a fun work environment. Even though it is outside of the office, the benefits of having the ability to bond are beneficial to the entire team! When looking for that perfect, fun team-building gathering for your office, be sure it includes puzzle solving, overcoming challenges, or anything that promotes working together. At Live in Theater, a fun interactive outdoor theater in NYC, we are the masters of interactive theatre and can attest to how solving a mystery can help bring a team closer together through a fun environment of collaboration and excitement!

3. Events in the Workplace

Events in the workplace are one of the more simpler ideas and can usually be found in most office environments. However, the key is to do them often and to the best of your ability. Feeling valued is important and events in the workplace that celebrate birthdays or a Secret Santa that brings together everyone in the office can do a lot to boost morale and make people happier in general. It’s a fun experience overall and almost all of these events could involve cake! And let’s be honest, when has anyone ever been unhappy when cake is involved?

4. Do Something You Love

This might seem like a no brainer. We grow up being told by parents, educators, and pretty much everyone else in general that we should always do something we love or are interested in. But money talks and usually it tries to tell us that the only way to be happy in life is to make a lot of it. But that’s ultimately detrimental to any work environment! A real love and interest for the work you do will yield better work results and create a more positive atmosphere.

Whether through games at the office, taking the time to celebrate occasions as a group, or planning team-building activities outside of work, it is important to make people feel valued, at ease, and that they can get excited about getting up in the morning!

There are many ways to improve a work environment, but the best way to optimize it is through the act of play. Have other ideas on how to brighten up the office and make work fun? Let us know in the comments!




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