As you may expect, the world of our immersive experience The Ryan Case 1873 was a very different New York from the one you may be familiar with. Last week we shared 3 links with you to help you get a feel of what kind of world that might be. This week we have 3 more links to further immerse you into the NYC of the 1800s!

3 More Links To Immerse You In The World Of The Ryan Case

1. 19th Century Google Street View – Before you actually walk the streets of the Five Points in our outdoor experience, you can explore the 19th century neighborhood on this online OldNYC Street View app. It’s modeled after Google Street View, except all the views are real historical photos of NYC from the New York Public Library!

2. 10 Juicy Facts About 19th Century New York City Dive Bars – In this article, you’ll discover some things you might not expect to find in dive bars today: drinks whose ingredients include “cocaine sweepings,” fights between terriers and giant rats– let’s just say, the 19th Century was wild.

3. The hogs that created America’s first urban working class – When Charles Dickens visited NYC in the 1800s, one of the things that caught his attention was all the pigs! Read more about how New York used to be overrun with pigs in the 19th century

Our upcoming showings of The Ryan Case 1873 are May 12, June 23, and July 21. Click here to learn more about the experience!

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