Theater is one of the oldest forms of entertainment to have exist. Not only that, but it is one that is constantly evolving in regards to the types of productions, the sets, and the audience involvement! Just because it’s an older form of entertainment, does not mean that it is ireleventant in society today. It’s actually quite contrary to this belief. Interactive theater and immersive theater are showing the ways society is embracing the art form. Corporations are also using these interactive activities as fun team building sessions!

These three interesting articles share their ideas and opinions on the transformation of theater. Perhaps the next time you visit NYC, you’ll choose a Unique Off-Broadway interactive show!

3 Articles That Show How Theater Has Evolved Into More Than EntertainmentThe Cultural Evolution of Theater

Admits that the origins of theater is unknown! They explore the elements of Greek Theater, Japanese Theater, and Chinese Theater. Live in Theater is sticking to its origins roots, in that the Greeks also participated in outdoor theater! Theater was also used by other cultures to pass social commentary, speak about politics, and religion. It is stressed how important modern day theater is, in regards to social development, influencing thought, learning how to take instruction, and encouraging creativity and new skills.​


The Immersed Audience: how theater is taking its cue from video games

The Immersed Audience: how theater is taking its cue from video games

Explores the concept of the active audience and how an interactivity concept between the audience and the establishment, such as game designs or theater production, now get the audience involved! People can create their own experiences through videos games and interactive theater, by having their own choice on what to do. This article focuses on a sense of ‘mission’, and working to solve a puzzle, and learning and borrowing techniques used by both.



Interactive Theater Promotes Young People

Especially at the the Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, where topics such as death, black identity, queer identity, womanhood, and mental health are addressed. These are real life situations that the playwrights believe should not be shied away from. The festival director states that not only does interactive theater hone in on young people’s passions but is also a stepping stone to to fulfill their career objectives.

Theater is a malleable art form that has transformed over the years. Especially into new forms of entertainment such as immersive theater and interactive theater. These articles promote the entertainment aspect, but also focus in on the way immersive and interactive experiences bring to light social awareness, character building, completing a mission, and skills that benefit the audience.


Educational Institutions and Corporations are often looking to supply their students or staff with team building activities the opportunity to enhance their skills, allow a newly formed team to bond and understand how they work together, or merely have a creative session to press the reset button on their team. Check out more about Live in Theater’s Corporate Team Building here.

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