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Available Shows

Murder in La La Land

One of your own, a talented screenwriter, ready to have his name in lights, was found dead at the foot of a bridge. It’s a scandal that could sink the studio, and put everyone working at Summit out of a job. You gotta get ahead of the press and the cops, and figure out how this guy went from the top of the world to the bottom of a river bed in the space of one night.

Starting at $500

Murder at River Crossing Book Club

You have been charged with interviewing the townspeople, peeling back the layers, and discovering what really happened last Friday night. Find out the truth and write a headline worthy of the front-page!

Starting at $500

Mission Athena: SABOTAGED!

The year is 1962. Welcome to Cape Canaveral, Florida, where the US Space Program is locked in a dead heat in what is dubbed the global Space Race. A new incentive by the USA, Mission: Athena, dared to accomplish the impossible — putting the first woman into outer space. However, that noble mission came to a devastating end on October 22nd, in an explosion at the moment of launch!

Starting at $500

Mean Queens

Halloween Night: A cleverly designed lawn decoration features a yellow banana doused in gruesome blood and set prominently on someone’s front yard. The top of the banana has been cut off and lies yards away. It won’t be till morning that the decapitated body of Cory Singer is found inside that banana suit.

Starting at $500

Lombardi Case 1975

You’ll meet junkies, drag queens, sex workers, crooked cops, and more, as you brave the “Lower East Side Zoo” looking for a way to crack the case before the commissioner comes down on you. Your chief is counting on you. The precinct is counting on you.

Starting at $500

The Ryan Case 1873

Prepare for a scavenger hunt through the underbelly of the Five Points. You will encounter aspirational low-lifes, destitute urchins, and all sorts in between. In your search for the truth you’ll uncover clues, confront suspects, and valiantly battle to mete out the justice that the slain victims deserve.

Starting at $500