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Live In Theater is an award winning live entertainment company that creates one of a kind murder mysteries and immersive experiences. Our work is highly interactive and inspired by real history. Here we place you in the center of the action as you Live In Theater! Live In Theater – Come Play with Us!

Since 2009 Live In Theater has re-imagined the murder mystery genre and interactive experiences. What in the hands of others has been light, superficial, and trivial in the hands of Live In Theater becomes urgent and dynamic. By blending award-winning acting, real history, city streets, and a heightened sense of realism from the actors, what audiences experience is high caliber-in-your-face cutting edge theater. We are the masters of outdoor immersive theater in NYC!

At  Live In Theater we offer true interactive immersion by literally placing the audience in the center of the action, as they live in it. Here we play it for real. Come and rediscover your childlike sense of play, while using your adult smarts to try and solve the cases. NYC loves the live interactive plays of Live In Theater. Live In Theater – Come Play with Us!


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About Carlo D'Amore

At the helm of Live In Theater is creative director Carlo D’Amore. An award winning actor, with Broadway, film and television credits. Carlo is also a writer, playwright, Drama Desk nominated director, and teacher with decades of professional experience. Carlo is transforming the performing arts into a viable product. Long gone are the days of passively watching a theatrical experience unfold in a darkened theater. In our present world as audiences we demand a different way of engaging with our entertainment and for the theater maker understanding this is the key to a long lasting existence. Carlo has heard this unspoken demand and is innovating the performing arts, by taking “acting” and the “actor” and reconfiguring it into experiences that straddle the line between performance and real life. By creating theatrical Interactive live murder mystery games in NYC he is reaching far bigger audiences than anyone in traditional theater. Experiences that ultimately reinvigorate the theater into a new and longer lasting art form that is at once entertaining, and relevant! For more information about Carlo please visit carlodamore.com


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